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Fossil Hockey

The Fossils' Creed

We accept players who are 25 and over, non-competitive and skill challenged.

We choose teams nightly of equally skilled skaters. We run one 1.5 hour sessions per week on Sunday evenings. The season normally runs from October to April.

WE will NOT allow drop ins.

NO Fossil can invite a skater to come down to play the game. All persons wanting to participate in the Fossils league must contact the Acting Commissioner, and be approved by the Competition Committee, and have all paperwork and monies turned into the Registrar.

You must have your membership paid, waiver signed and returned and USA Hockey registration before stepping on the ice.

Fossils game rules:

No Checking!
No Slap Shots!
No Fighting! First infraction, participants are gone for the night.
Second infraction, the participants are just gone and no membership monies will be returned.
No Slashing the player or the player’s stick or hands.
You must be on the ice when the doors close or you will not be allowed to play. This rule is important as we must have lines decided and need to be ready to play.
*All warm ups and stretching should be done off the ice, before the game.
You must have both a light and dark colored jersey; preferably white and red.
Off Sides - If your team is off side, you must leave the puck where it is and retreat behind the blue line and wait for all your team mates to clear the offensive zone. You can not take the puck with you when clearing the zone. The off sides team can not attempt to regain the puck until the opposing team enters the neutral zone. This is to simulate how off sides is handled when a referee is present.
Icing The Puck - In the event that your team ices the puck the opposing team will retrieve the puck and be unchallenged by the team that iced the puck. The icing team can not attempt to regain the puck until the opposing team enters the neutral zone. This is to simulate how icing is handled when a referee is present. You can not gain an offensive advantage by icing the puck.
Buzzer/Horn Rules- when the horn sounds at the end of a shift the puck must be left where it is, in the zone that it was in. Playing the puck in such a situation is a too many men on the ice penalty. Also, it gives the goalies a break. Players for the next shift should not jump on the ice early for the big break away. Goalies don't get to rest every two minutes.
Example: If the puck is in the red team zone no white player can pass or throw the puck to another place on the ice. When the horn sounds at the end of a shift all players on the ice should hustle to the boards by the bench clearing the way for the next shift of players to begin.
Start of play for shift – in order to allow for line changes, all members of both teams must be on the ice before either team can begin to skate with the puck or attack for the puck. The team leaving the ice needs to be courteous and swift in clearing the ice so play can begin quickly. Weekly payment. All Fossils must pay their fee to play every week. Exact change is preferred!

What is the correct call? - In every instance where injury results from a check from behind, regardless of whether or not board contact is made.