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Goalies... Tips and Tricks for the Netminder


The Butterfly

The butterfly is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. The butterfly is moving to your knees to save low shots. To do this move, push your feet out to the sides to cover the maximum amount of net possible. Remember that this save should be used with low shots, screened shots, or shots from close range. You must also remember to always keep your stick on the ice! Your stick should be covering the five-hole (area between the legs). It might sound easy to remember and do, but it is the most common mistake, even the best goalies do it (lift the stick off the ice) sometimes. Your catching glove should be open (as usual) and out in front a bit, and keep it closer to your legs on lower shots to close any holes.

Playing Breakaways!

Sooner or later you are going to have to play a breakaway where one forward comes in alone against the goalie. Move out to challenge the shooter then slowly retreat to the top of the crease. Stay in a standing position as long as you can and try to get the shooter to make the first move to either shoot or deke. If you make the first move and go down early, the shooter will either shoot high or go around you. Keep your position, always square to the shooter even when they try to deke you. The shooter will run out of room and either shoot at you or miss the net nine out of ten times.

Referenced from “Hockey Made Easy” by John Story

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Registration Open

08/08/2016, 11:15am CDT
By Jason Sheehy

Registration is open for the 2016-2017 season!
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Laura Stamm Power Skating Clinic

07/06/2016, 9:45am CDT
By Dave Zillig

DYHA is please to offer :

Laura Stamm Power Skating Clinic


August 26 – 28

At Mystique Ice Center

Please see attachment for more details

Dubuque Fighting Saints Camp

08/11/2014, 2:45pm CDT
By Jason Sheehy

The Dubuque Fighting Saints are holding a Youth Camp for ages 4 - 18 starting on September 1st.



What is the correct call? - In every instance where injury results from a check from behind, regardless of whether or not board contact is made.